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In our latest Coeus blog, Ben Barry discusses 2 speed IT - what it is; the key questions you need to ask yourself to ensure effective implementation and the potential challenges you need to be aware of.

Coeus blog: what you need to know about Two Speed IT

Two Speed IT - What is it?

Two-speed IT (Bimodal IT) is the concept where IT solution development should include a fast track, allowing some projects to be implemented more quickly.

The philosophy behind two-speed IT proposes that agile, innovative IT initiatives should be allowed to move forward quickly without being hampered by the checks and balances needed to maintain business-critical IT operations.


What could it potentially do for you?

Two-Speed IT could help an IT organisation seize the opportunities afforded by the digital economy – operating at the speed of business moments allowing the organisation to sense and react in near real time to the market, customers and competitors.


Key Questions you need to ask:
  • Do you need to run a two-speed IT operation?
  • What systems / processes need to run more quickly?
  • Do you have the skills, experience and resources to execute?
  • How are you going to make the changes to your IT organisation and operating model?
  • What tools, processes and governance are you going to need?
Key challenges:


  • Requires talented multidisciplinary teams required to work with new processes, tools and governance
  • In a recent Coeus survey* only 34% of organisations stated they have the right people, skills and experience internally to deliver a fast track and agile projects

Speed…and Flexibility

  • The need to absorb disruptive new business models enabled by new digital technologies
  • The need to scale up and down in Internet time
  • The need to react fast to capture business moments – win the moments that matter


  • Can Mode 1 and Mode 2 work together? Can two different sets of people, processes and tools work in harmony?


  • By their very nature Mode 1 and Mode 2 need to work together 
  • Mode 1 deals with Enterprise systems, such as finance, which by the very nature of Commercial Mode 2 systems need to be interfaced together to allow real time transactions and customer order processing

Non-linear Enterprise IT

  • The third era of IT – digitalisation – poses additional challenges, such as the following 'nonlinear' needs
  • Bimodal or two-speed is about addressing conventional and nonlinear enterprise IT


*2016 Coeus & PSD CIO and IT Leadership Survey





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Ben Barry

Ben is an experienced business and IT transformation professional with over 20 years in consulting and management. He has coached and led senior clients on strategy development through to transformation and benefits delivery.


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