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At Coeus we’re proud of our people and their knowledge and experience. They regularly share this through their monthly blogs. Visit our blog library to read more!

Coeus bloggers

Just in case you missed out on any of our blogs over the past year, you can find them all below.

Analysis Paralysis

Competing in the disruptive digital age means time to market is essential. Kerry Osborne explores the challenges this brings and practical ways to overcome them.

Who moved my toaster?

A recent purchase of a new toaster and kettle has led our latest blogger Simon Reynolds to reflect on his experiences of delivering IT change. He explains why considering the human impact is so important and explores ideas and pointers to achieve and embed successful change

From one man band to maestro

Richard Graham discusses the contemporary IT function. He explores the shift IT organisations are seeing from ‘can you create this?’ to ‘why can’t we use/do that (right now)? ‘ He explains how IT must embrace the complexity of today, and the diversity in the IT market.

Burn those filing cabinets, ECM is here

Kevin Johnson discusses what should be a simple topic about storing documents and how it can become very complicated if it is not part of a coherent data strategy. A file sharing solution must combine the end-users expectations with the need to have the appropriate corporate safe guards.

Welcome to the world of multi mode IT

Matthew Headford is seeing more and more of our customers starting to look at multi-mode or multi-lane delivery within their organisation - with two modes/speeds now not being fit for purpose.

Time to shine a light on IT Costs

Michael Ward explores the IT Cost Conundrum and the pursuit of IT financial transparency

Why build a space rocket when all you need is a bicycle chain?

Joe Hart explores why many IT and business transformation programmes fail - developing a grand plan (the space rocket) which overlooks the fundamentals (the bicycle chain).

Is digital changing the way we source IT?

Saurabh Ranjan looks at how the onset of digital has put many companies on the back foot. Few were ready to embrace the technology and business shifts that will delineate the next generation of market leaders.

What you need to know about 2 Speed IT

Ben Barry discusses 2 speed IT - what it is; the key questions you need to ask yourself to ensure effective implementation and the potential challenges you need to be aware of.

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