CREATING A NEW IT OPERATING MODEL Thursday 22nd September, 2016


Coeus conducted a full current state review to fully understand roles, responsibilities, key challenges and RACIs. Follow this a strategic operating model was fully developed to address challenges and to drive recommendation to meet future needs of the business:

•  Understand current business challenges with respect to IT and current operating model

•  Understand performance constraints driving key operational decisions

•  Assessment of the current state against the market place and against current best practice for the sector

•  Determine future vision for operating model inline with the business major divestment

•  Develop detailed organisation designs and team structures

•  Develop RACI for each team and location advice

•  Run workshops to identify initiatives to remove inefficiencies as a result of the divestment


The team delivered an operating model centralised around the vision and strategy:

•  Assessment of current state against business requirements

•  Strategic drivers and challenges documented

•  Full operating model design, organisation design, teams structures, FTE numbers and roles and responsibilities with RACIs

•  Skills and location assessment for each team to identify focus areas for recruitment or upskilling

•  Proposed sourcing opportunities of application development, support and testing

•  High level transformation delivery plan split by activities

•  Suite of initiatives to help mitigate divestment inefficiencies including FTE benefit

The deliverables formed the foundations of the transformation programme to roll out the new operating model
•  Clear roadmap and strategy for the IT organisation moving forward for the next 3 years

•  Ability to divest the organisation without incurring additional cost/overhead impact

•  Removal of gaps in skills and roles

•  Clarity of governance and process ownership to avoid duplication

•  Preparation of the business to integrate new technologies into the current structure in the future