With an enterprise of more than 7000 servers, this organisation was facing a challenge to gain a single version of truth to represent its entire enterprise assets. The key issues with existing data were:

  • No single view of IT Landscape and Programmes, multiple data sources and various data cuts
  • Inability to know how decisions affected all the moving parts that make up the enterprise
  • Issues with Programme efficiency due to a lack of credible and complete data


Coeus was engaged to assess the current data estate and deliver a single data repository to bring all asset data and programme data together. The key activities were:

  • Assessment of Current Assets, existing Asset Data, processes and governance around asset management
  • Creation of a target data model to store all set data in a single repository and to be able to define the inter relationships
  • Creation of an over arching report for all the asset data to show a cross programme dependency and impacts
  • Recommendation of a process and governance model for the use of the repository


  • Target Data Model
  • Data Repository with remediated and consolidated data
  • Key Data Quality Issue Reports and recommendations on future state processes and governance
  • A Cross Programme Report


  • Increased efficiency in the Infrastructure Lifecycle Management and Hosting Programmes to benefit from one view of data without having to view multiple sources
  • In turn this helped to de-risk their business through assessment, prioritisation and project allocation of each enterprise asset
  • As a generic model, work can be easily expanded to support other Shared IT programmes of work that need knowledge of the assets to either modernise or support business transformation