Client challenge
The client had recently undergone a Service Management transition programme which led to a number of process and data quality challenges around their ITSM Tool platform.

As part of AS-IS movement from a previous version of the tool platform, the service management team ended up inheriting a number of configuration issues that needed addressing in support of smoother operations and compliance related risks.  There were 14000 support groups with multiple issues around Incident/Change and Problem Management Processes. This further led to under performance of the service management teams creating frustrations within Business and IT Organisation.
The client needed help to assess the current challenges/issues and define remediation steps

Coeus, based on a detailed analyses of current data and processes, proposed a strategy and approach to remediate the data quality standards within Remedy on Demand,
deploying stability for data integrity in the short term and contributing towards maintaining long term sustainability.

Coeus also led the planning and execution of the required solutions to support customer demand and priorities which were contributing to the adverse impact on service delivery.

Key objectives were :

  • Resolver Group Remediation
  • Identification of potential data leaks/gaps that invalidate or impact the processes, recommended remediation actions to the project team.
  • Creation of a Profiling & Permission remediation deliverables Framework
  • Definition of an overall governance model for service management


  • Detailed framework illustrating execution approach & plans to implement user profiling aligned with client policies
    Planned and documented changes required
  • Executed changes to resolver group & members to support a more simplified model for operations
  • Developed and deployed improved operational processes that ensured a more sustainable set of processes were in place after the project completed and supported a simplified day to day operational way of working regarding the On Boarding of users


  • Coeus was able to reduce almost 50% of unused and empty resolver groups from the tools - based on targeted analysis
  • A reduction of the standing data held was achieved by simplifying the data models and enhancing tool efficiency
  • Proposed remediation actions and process changes supported the client to further achieve outlined goals of matured service management