Currently two externally provided global service desks provide support for IS services within this global pharmaceutical organisation which were due to come to an end in early 2015, in addition there were currently circa. 115 locally delivered service desks implemented across regional and local organisations. The client required support from Coeus to run a sourcing process to develop and issue an RFP for global EUS services, in order to consolidate all EUS support under a single operating model.


Coeus was engaged to develop and issue an RFP for the global EUS services, taking the following approach.

  • Detailed development of the EUS service descriptions (including scope, objectives, roles & responsibilities, SLAs/KPIs, etc.) based upon the desired future state of the EUS services (including Service Desk, On-site Support, Asset Management, etc)
  • Detailed definition of the RFP document, based upon data gathered by the client team
  • Development of a Commercial Model for Suppliers
  • Detailed Planning and Execution for issuing the RFP


The Coeus team worked with the client to develop:

  • EUS Functional & Non-Functional Requirements
  • Service Catalogue and Detailed Service Descriptions for End User Services
  • Internal vs External RASCI for End User Services
  • Current State Assessment Data Sheet
  • Target Service Level Agreements & KPIs
  • Commercial Model
  • RFP Documentation
  • Business Change and Communications Approach for Transition / Transformation of EUS Services


The benefits of working with the Coeus team were:

  • The client gained a clear understanding of the target end state required for provision of cost effective and efficient EUS Services, achieved through consolidation of all EUS Service Desks under a single global operating model
  • The detailed service descriptions allowed the client to assess and short-list EUS Vendors to support the transformation globally