GDPR For IT Leaders: 6 Common Myths

It has been recognised that due to the constant changes and growth in the use of technology, our laws are struggling to keep up and issues related to data misuse are occurring too […]

How To Lead IT Teams

I’ve spent many years trying to work out exactly what makes a good IT Leader, and if I’ve learnt one thing in that time, it’s this: good leadership in technology looks very different […]

What Is The Business Value of IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-emerging ecosystem of IP-connected sensors and devices. It has the potential to deliver significant business benefits and we are already seeing stand-alone sensors and smart devices […]

Enterprise Architecture – Is It Worth The Cost?

Intentional Design Or IT Evolution? The Role Of The Enterprise Architect Has your organisation recently thought about how your IT systems have developed to their current state? Often organisations let their systems evolve, […]

ITSM – Marketing’s Little Brother

It’s not often that you hear about large corporations publicising their IT Service Management Strategy, assuming of course, that they have one to begin with. Sales revenue, growth and EBITA quite rightly take […]

‘Security’ Now A Boardroom Topic

With the mainstream press extensively covering the consequences of the recent malware attacks against computers with aged or unpatched operating systems, and ‘Security’ having been elevated to a boardroom topic in many companies, […]

Employee Engagement In A Digital World

For those of you who have kids and frequently think:“Would I be better off trying to talk to them on What’s App / SnapChat / Kik / Messenger…?”One of the key themes from […]

Is Digital Changing IT Sourcing?

The onset of digital has put many companies on the back foot. Few were ready to embrace the technology and business shifts that will delineate the next generation of market leaders. New technologies […]

Analysis Paralysis

For organisations to compete in the disruptive digital age everyone understands time to market is essential.  Despite this, within large organisations (in my opinion and experience) there is still too much focus on […]

Who Moved My Toaster?

Recently we replaced our kettle and toaster. Not a great event in itself but due to them being slightly different colours to the outgoing appliances we decided to move all the items on […]

From One Man Band To Maestro?

The meaning of lifeIt would seem the business expectations on the capability of IT have always been high. IT folk have a desire to fix all the world’s problems, and we tend to […]

Burn Those Filing Cabinets, ECM Is Here

As we gradually see the 1980’s vision of a paperless office being realised, the question arises of how a company can ensure they get the best value from those “virtualised” documents. Regardless of […]