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IT Cost Transparency:
Key To Delivering Business Agility

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“This report is a timely reminder to IT leaders of the importance of stepping up and delivering the cost transparency that will earn the trust of other senior executives.”

Tony England, CIO, Ferguson PLC
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Our 2018 survey reveals how 88% of IT leaders of large organisations are unable to deliver on the organisation’s need for IT cost transparency.

Cost transparency is the art of capturing, understanding and reporting costs in a way that enables both IT and the business to better understand IT services and make improved business decisions.

In our 2018 Survey of 130 IT leaders (more than half of whom are C-suite) of large organisations, only a small proportion (12%) scored highly in cost transparency and were able to reap the rewards - greater influence over the strategic direction of the company and improved ability to deliver business agility.

Why download the report?

  • Understand why cost transparency is a pre-requisite for IT operating as a true partner to business teams.
  • Find out why IT leaders who get cost transparency right are better able to align business and IT, assess the business impact of changes and support the constant demand for agility.
  • Get practical advice on getting started with cost transparency.
  • Take an online survey and receive back a report detailing your cost maturity and providing recommendations.
  • Find out whether IT leaders are ‘planning or waiting’ when it comes to Brexit.

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