Digital Transformation

Helping IT leaders define their digital vision and supporting them through the cultural and operational journey


A recent CIO survey conducted by Coeus indicated that 92% of all organisations are going through a transformation brought about by the digital revolution. More than ever companies are turning to their IT teams to differentiate them within their market, create new opportunities and either stay with or ahead of the game.  

Digital is as much a mindset as it is a technology change. It can be everything from re-imagining your way to market to how you manage your logistics in the background, but as ever the most important aspect is that your digital aspirations do not become detached from your business ideals.  

‘Digital’ can mean very different things to different sectors, and even company entities, so organisations need to define what ‘digital’ means to them, what is important and what links to their key activities and strengths. As ever, the most important aspect is that digital aspirations do not become detached from business ideals.

The challenge is to concentrate on what is core for the organisation, looking at priorities and understanding why change is needed.

It is vital to look far beyond what can sometimes be the triviality of the technology, when compared to the re-organisation of departments, skills and culture - the entire ecosystem needs to be understood to ensure that the best forms of implementation are used.

Another challenge is to see ‘digital’ as much more than technology change. Organisations often focus on the front-facing components of digital solutions, rather than looking at the entire ecosystem with a ‘front to back’ approach which often includes looking at the re-organisation of departments, skills and culture.

The Coeus Digital proposition is built from real world experience across multiple sectors. The Digital journey is specific to each company as it weaves into the business strategy and culture tightly, which is why we offer services that cover the business wide view of front to back digital solutions and processes.

We offer an end to end set of services that can support thoughout the journey.

We help from defining the vision to setting out the clear steps to take and pitfalls to avoid. We can:

  • Aid you in clearly defining the value chain between your business needs and your digital future, identifying key drivers such as bottom line growth or cost optimisation
  • Ensure a holistic approach is taken. Companies have had a tendency to go after the front facing components of a digital solution where the real value can all to readily be from having a  front to back digital design in place
  • Assess your current capabilities and maturity of organisation against your goals and ambitions.  We make sure you do what is right for you in your circumstance, not what others have done in different situations


Maturity Assessment
Establish and define the organisation's current digital capability by 5 critical lenses based on customer, process, organisation, culture and technology and benchmark them against the market positions.

Strategic Alignment 
Link findings from assessments to business needs and wants, and build a strategy which defines the target state of the organisation through each of the lenses.

Digital Future
Translate business and technology vision into a roadmap and build in constraints that exist, and together with business, refine goals.

Digital Transformation
Plan detailed implementation for short to medium term and define overall plan for long-term solution aligning to digital company vision and help to deliver.

Digital Sustain
Ensure the sustainability of the transformation and a forward digital focus and build in client ability to respond to changes in their environments.