Risk Management and Avoidance

Helping IT leaders ensure their business is protected against operating threats & ensuring compliance


With IT fast becoming the foundation of many company’s value and go to market strategies, IT risks are just as quickly becoming key business risks. Whether that translates as service stability, security threats or regulation around how data is managed, such as GDPR, it now has the potential to dramatically affect an organisation’s fortunes.

With the recent malware attacks against computers, risk and security have been elevated to boardroom topics in many companies. IT leaders are finding themselves explaining that these threats are actually an opportunistic consequence of key topics that relate to technical debt and the age of the systems being compromised -what Coeus calls 'Currency'. If boards are truly serious about managing risks to the business, they should prioritise Currency works (view our recent blog).

IT leaders also need to look at the bigger picture: risk management is a whole ecosystem task; having strong passwords means nothing if someone can walk straight into one of a company’s buildings without being challenged.

Each industry also has it’s own set of regulations, many of which contain similar concepts but adapted to meet industry specific threats.

We work in some of the most regulated markets in the world, ensuring our customers are protected against operating threats within their industry and ensuring compliance to avoid reputational and financial reparations.

We regularly work with our clients to help them understand their current state in terms of key risks and define a working roadmap to manage and mitigate. We have risk as a key element in our SIAM models and specialise in areas such as GDPR.  

Work with clients to build, justify & approve the business case for technology refresh and pro-active lifecycle management; prioritised risk mitigation of aged technologies.

Structured approach for raising and clarifying obligation awareness, executing a prioritised assessment of the current impacts, risks and issues. Establishing a mitigation plan of action.

Service Process Maturity
Whilst frameworks such as CMMI are well publicised, they come with a reputation of being unwieldy, expensive and time consuming. Coeus has a unique approach which radically simplifies the process without compromising its effectiveness.

IT Audit
We conduct IT Audits through a number of differing levels of assurance based on client’s needs:

STANDARD ASSURANCE: Assurance that current processes and procedures are being followed, but this may not look holistically at whether the processes are the right ones, or what optimisation might be needed

VALUE ADD ASSURANCE: Takes the same outcomes but reviews against IT best practices to help the relevant business areas drive a Continuous Improvement cycle – a value added approach

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW: Review the same outcomes also against technology trends etc. to feed into architectural or technology reviews, decision, and/or business cases – comparing to the needs of the organisation

Structured methodology and tools to objectively establish the Business Impact Assessment for existing, new or changed services. Underpinning risk and service based approaches.

Regulatory impacts and obligation, awareness and assessment:

    • HASI
    • GXP and Best Practice
    • SOX
    • MIFID
    • PCI