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There is no doubt that the technology landscape is becoming ever more complicated and evolving at a rapid rate. With technology now underpinning the core go to market propositions from companies as diverse as Mobile Operators to Toilet Roll Manufacturers, getting Technology to Business fit has never been more important.

There are a number of challenges that really revolve around the skills gap that is being created by the level of change. How can IT departments continue to deliver the core offerings whilst managing to evolve in a market, that is taken even the biggest technology players by surprise?  The reality is that the once go to companies like Global SIs are in a similar position to most of their customer, scrabbling to find the talent and the roadmap to allow them to move forward whilst carrying a legacy of people and systems.

For companies to succeed in a world where much of their business model is being codified, they need to have clear access to technologists who can bring differentiated services through the use of technology.

We aid our clients in navigating the ever-expanding set of niches and specialities that they need to know, understand and use to get the best business performance out of their IS ecosystem.

This is where we are different to most, we come with a deep independent technical background but also with an experienced business mindset, able to link small technical details to the big picture.

Better yet we are a company of do’ers, we have the experience and expertise to be able to get technology delivered, as well as advise on leading use cases. We enjoy getting stuck in to challenging detail and if you want to make technology key differentiator, someone needs to understand the detail.

Our people “make things happen”.  We have a wide range of backgrounds (including customer, supplier, integrator, consulting), but 90% of our people have been at the coal face during global technology deliveries.  They understand the theory, they understand the imperative and they will stand by to get things moving.

Vision, Strategy and Roadmap
Whether you are in FS, Retail, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals or any other sector, Technology will be key to your success.  It is therefore vital to map out a vision, strategy, architecture and roadmaps that not only cover your technology today but how you will deliver it in the years to come.

We work with many astute clients who understand the need to start planning skills, training, people, skills and culture linked to technology provision and we help them map out how to appropriately deliver against their company vision and adapt with the prevailing market and tech.

Enterprise and Solution Management
This is the glue that holds the link between business and technology for many organisations, it is vital to maintaining control over your processing and data domains and also calling out where additional advantage is there for the taking.  This is especially true in the regulate markets we operate in where understanding data and data flows are key to maintaining trading standards.

We help the CIO and Enterprise Architecture functions quickly adapt to the new world where they are the Integration hub for businesses. We augment and build the skills required to bridge tech speak into a business idea across multiple industries. We are able to do this due to our industry knowledge combined with our world class technical advisory.

Move to Cloud
Technology, readiness and migration approaches are all unique to each of our clients.  We use or build a Current State Architecture and link it directly to the strategy using a roadmap that is centred on business value.  We have a highly successful approach to developing the reasoning and delivering global scale transformation that is tailored to a specific client.

We use our industry knowledge to help our clients make a meaningful impact using technology.  We look across sectors and keep a watchful eye on the technology industry, looking for cross pollination of ideas and identifying unique use cases for technology that will help our clients keep in front of their competitors. For instance many companies manage their operation through key data points already and Management Information is not a new concept.

However, businesses have always been constrained by their ability to capture the full breadth of data that will give a true insight in to their business behaviour.  This is where the promise of Big Data, possibly linked to IoT can change the way in which your business views the external world, whether that’s customers, suppliers, the socio-political environment or even the environment itself, data may just provide the information that makes your business the standout success.  In the long term, it might just mean you are able to compete on a level playing field.

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