“Building cost optimisation initiatives without a proper understanding of costs is akin to building a house on sand.”

James Cockroft, Director, Coeus Consulting

The Ongoing Cost Challenge For IT Leaders

Too often, cost optimisation is a reaction to a challenge, not an embedded mindset. The cost challenge therefore moves from being an annual budget challenge to a continual ‘must’ for IT leaders, and a perennial challenge for CIOs – just as it is for any business leader.

A proactive, sustainable approach to IT cost optimisation requires three main elements: firstly, cost transparency, secondly, a practical and implementable approach to cost reduction and thirdly, the ability to manage IT as a value-driving entity.


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Understand the three core elements of sustainable cost optimisation:

  • Cost Transparency: The Vital First Step
  • Cost Reduction: Top Down, Bottom Up Approach
  • Managing IT As A Value-Driving Entity


Read three Cost case studies:

  • Global Consumer Products Company - Reduced IT costs by £30m per annum
  • Global Drinks Company – Reduced costs by over 10%
  • Global Energy Company - Saved €237m over three years

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