Security: Core To Survival

You can choose to have a secure service on the internet, or to have no business at all. Security is top priority: it’s right up there with a great idea and market leading […]

Stop Pretending IT’s Free!

Understanding the value of IT The law of demand is probably the most famous of economics theories and one that we are all aware of in our daily lives – in general, the […]

Adopting Lean Start-Up Properties

Key Points: Start-up behaviours are poorly understood in large organisations Lean is subject to misrepresentation thus can be resisted by organisations To succeed you must know the levers to aim for; MVP, A/B […]

Time To Shine A Light On IT Costs

There was recently a fantastic viral internet cartoon featuring a teenage duck yelling to its parents that it “can’t find it anywhere!”, with ‘it’ being a ball positioned right next to the teenager […]

IT Sourcing: A Marathon Not A Sprint

1990s: ‘The Starting Line’ When I started my Sourcing career in the late 90s the natural order of things was simpler. Professors Wilcox and Lacity had started their never to end World Tour […]

Agile: Not Falling Enough

“You’re not falling over enough”: that was a bit of unsolicited advice that a colleague of mine once gave me. Not in any kind of work context; we were on a long weekend’s […]

Serverless For CXOs

Key Points • Despite the name, there are servers involved, you just never have to worry about them • They are ideally suited to simple functions with clear use cases that can have […]

Risk In The Digital World

Before we begin to talk about Digital at all, it’s always worth trying to define what we mean by ‘Digital’ as there’s plenty of mythology that builds up about it. When we at […]

IT Service Management

One of my first jobs fresh out of management training was as a service manager in a financial services organisation. I really enjoyed that role as it gave me the opportunity to work […]

GDPR For IT Leaders: 6 Common Myths

It has been recognised that due to the constant changes and growth in the use of technology, our laws are struggling to keep up and issues related to data misuse are occurring too […]

How To Lead IT Teams

How To Lead IT Teams…And Why You May Not Be Succeeding I’ve spent many years trying to work out exactly what makes a good IT Leader, and if I’ve learnt one thing in […]

What Is The Business Value of IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-emerging ecosystem of IP-connected sensors and devices. It has the potential to deliver significant business benefits and we are already seeing stand-alone sensors and smart devices […]